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The Usui system or Reiki is taught by Reiki Masters according to the original traditions in short workshops. There are many levels of training, at Bella Vita we offer Reiki 1st and 2nd degree.

Reiki 1st degree:
During the class students learn the history of Reiki, how the energy is channeled and methodology of the process. A knowledge is imparted of the ways to use Reiki in their own lives and in the service of others. The Reiki 1st degree aims to open your energy channelling through a series of ceremonies conducted individually by the master with each student known as ‘Reiki attunement’. The 1st degree is taught over two days, generally a weekend.

Reiki 2nd degree:
The second degree is taught over a similar period and time. The student is recommended to have used Reiki 1st degree in their lives for at least three months before renewing and extending their commitment to the use of Reiki. The student in a 2nd degree workshop will learn additional methods evolved by Dr. Usui for sending energy to a distant recipient and for accessing a deeper level of wellbeing.


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